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Using Forms on RTPnet

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Information Gathering

Nancy Shoemaker

RTPnet 4th Annual Conference
May 30, 2003
Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC

This discussion of gathering information from visitors to a web site is an exposition of the form handling tools available on RTPnet, a community network for the Research Triangle Park (NC) area. It does not include any information on how to create a form in HTML. Rather it concentrates on different tools for form processing and how, say, a Community Technology Center director could estimate what tools are needed and so what technical skills might be required by the volunteer creating the form and its handler.

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Information Gathering
Why forms?
Why not just use e-mail?
Example 1 This is a simple form that sends e-mail with unprocessed data
Example 1 - Details
Example 2 This is another simple form that sends e-mail, but this time, the data is formatted in a way that makes it easy to upload to a spreadsheet or database.
Example 2 - Details
Example 3 The form is still simple, but now the data entered by the visitor needs to be "processed".
Example 3 - Results
Example 3 - Details
RTPnet options for forms
Summary of options
Other things to consider
Notes Including links to the example forms.

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Using FormMail on RTPnet
Using Gform on RTPnet (Thanks to Jon Mauney)
PHP (all include MySQL database use)
  1. Paul Whitehead and Joel Desaramo, PHP, Hungry Minds,, 2001, 289 pp., $26.99. Includes CD. Step-by-step with screen shots from getting started to intermediate tasks. Includes function quick reference.
  2. David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg, PHP Cookbook, O'Reilly,, 2002, 608 pp., $39.95. Task oriented with lots of code examples.
  3. Luke Welling and Laura Thomson, PHP and MySQL Web Development, 2nd ed., Developer's Library,, 2003, 870 pp., $49.99. Includes CD. Extremely clear exposition of syntax and semantics with sections on complete projects such as building a shopping cart.