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Beyond E-mail: Using New Tools to Connect with your Stakeholders and Spread Your Message
Thursday, September 21, 2006, 2:15 – 3:30

at the

NC Center for Nonprofits Conference (2006): Beyond Survival, Embracing Change

The session was sponsored by GetActive. See, in particular, the paper that they made available at the conference: E-mail Deliverability in the Age of Spam. Thanks to them for their support!

Please contact us if you need this information in another format or would like to discuss how these principles apply to your situation.


White paper on RSS
CitiDC has just published a white paper on the basics of RSS and its use by nonprofits.
LinkRSS is gone
It seems that is no longer providing its free service to build and host RSS feeds. See the ListGarden reference below.
GetActive aquired by Convio
The links to GetActive above will redirect to See this list of Convio e-marketing resources.
Other ways?
One of the comments on the talk was that the title was misleading. I didn't really talk about "tools" (plural) but just about RSS. Well, okay. I guess I was focused on the multiple ways to use RSS. Are things like social networking tools ( really having an effect on the general public?
TechSoup article on aggregation
Saving time and money with news aggregators
Another tool to create feeds
If you're running a "traditional" web site but would like to include an RSS feed for changes, check out ListGarden at
Another intro to RSS
Wondering what this is all about? See the article at
More from Nancy on WordPress
Notes from Nov. 4 talk at the STC Carolina unconference on WordPress and DreamHost a recommended platform for producing "RSS enabled" websites. discontinuing its RSS reader
At the time of this talk, Pluck had an RSS reader and an excellent, short description of RSS for the new user. They plan to discontinue their reader in January, and refer folks to Google and Bloglines. For alternate introductions to RSS, see TechSoup or AAUW NC.
Not convinced? or know that you need to keep sending e-mail?
See this discussion from Computor Companion for tips on getting your e-zine delivered (or the GetActive paper noted above).

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